Dress Down

Saskatoon Spring/Summer Style Guide

Hello friends!

With spring/summer dangling before us here in Saskatoon, I thought I’d give some guidance on how to hold on to your hard earned dollars and come up with some great looks. I was very fortunate to work with photographer B. Jonathan Michaels for this shoot, a very talented local photographer.  In preparation, I drove around the outskirts of town to find the perfect location when I stumbled upon the sweetest country bumpkin style spot, Robertson Valley Farms.

Maxi dresses came back into style last year and they’re here to stay! How can you get this look without dropping all your bills? Be creative and go thrift shopping! One thing I encourage everyone to do is check out estate sales. My Auntie Barb is well seasoned at this and has provided me with some amazing finds; from fur coats and 1950’s dresses to cute nighties. All of which can be updated with a little bit of love and some raising of the hem lines. Look into your own closet before shopping for something new. It’s always nice to find things you forgot you had and look at them with fresh eyes.


Here I am wearing a nightie I found at Value Village for $3.49. In the 90’s we saw the traditional slip breakthrough its confines of sleepwear and take its place as part of everyday wear. Now it’s the nighties turn! I paired it with a wide brimmed hat and a skinny brown belt (both from Value Village for $1.99), to create a more feminine shape. I threw on a pair of boots that I bought 2 years ago for $60, a perfect example of taking something old from your closet and making it new again.  Total dent in the wallet =$67.47

Dress Down

If you have a long dress or you found one you love but its too fancy-pants to wear out and about. Do the dress up down! Dress up in your lovely gown then dress it down with a casual straw chapeau like this one for $1.99 from VV. Then hit up one of the many music festivals this summer! This dress was a gift from one of my besties, (I am very fortunate to have such awesome friends!) Bare feet $0 from my Mom. Total cost, a whopping $1.99.

Little Black Dress

So maybe you’ve spent years searching and you finally have the perfect little black dress. Uno problemo: You’ve only worn it once or twice. When something makes you feel fantastic and fits you perfectly, shouldn’t you wear it every day? Throw on your L.B.D and dress it down with minimal accessories and a wide brimmed hat for a more relaxed look. I found this dress in a small store in London for approximately $31 CDN, boots $38 from U.P, Hat from V.V. $1.99. Total damage = just 1 cent under $71

Oversized ShirtOversized Shirt

I am a huge fan of the oversized shirt. Whether it is worn as a shirt or as a dress, I love the way these guys hang! Throw on a stupid amount of accessories and off you go!  However… to avoid your own personal “celebrity moment”, be sure to wear some short shorts… just in case.  I found this XL shirt on a sale rack for $3, wedge booties $60. Total cost $63.

I had so much fun planning and doing this shoot and would like to give another shout out and huge thanks to photographer B. Jonathan Michaels who did an amazing job (as usual) and to Robertson Valley Farms who were so sweet (and normally don’t allow photo shoots but made an exception for us). I know I’ll be heading there for some locally grown veggies when they open in June and you should too.

— Contributed by Jillian Bogan