Eamon McGrath video review

Toronto musician brings rough-hewn folk show to Saskatoon

Eamon McGrath, a Toronto-based folk-punk musician, played at Vangelis this past weekend, performing several songs from his latest album Young Canadians including the song “Saskatoon”.

Opening the show was Myles and the Blanks and Slow Down Molasses.

Although he was perched on a chair for the majority of the set, McGrath rumbled and flailed through his songs delivering an element of energy despite the solo-acoustic nature of his music.

Stealing the show, however, was the gentlemen in the front row who slept soundly and openly through the majority of the show. Word from the bartender was that he wasn’t actually drunk – he was just really beat from the double martinis he had at a competing pub.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJqRXv_M3OI&w=600]