Songs About Saskatoon: Reader’s Choice

Ominocity readers are a sharp bunch, apparently. Yesterday we published an article entitled Top Five Songs About Saskatoon – many of you pointed out that there are in reality more than five songs about our beloved city.


Anyway, in light of getting caught with our ignorance hanging out of our shorts, we present you with Songs About Saskatoon: Reader’s Choice.

Maybe Smith – “Saskatoon”

Off of local mopey-head Maybe Smith’s most excellent album Architects and Animals, all the space noises remind me of the synchrotron. Or glow bowling at the Fairhaven bowl-a-rama.

Real Ones – “Saskatoon”

If you were born in the prairies and don’t know how to drive by the time you are eight years old I weep for you. ‎”I know that you heard of the city of my dreams. I love Saskatoon”

Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle – “Saskatoon Tonight”

More a slice of Canadiana, Mark and Arbuckle nevertheless nail it when they say it’s “a long drive to Saskatoon tonight”, which is true no matter where you are. Sigh.

Factor feat. Kirby Dominant – “Saskatoon Pimpin'”

Our local hip-hop scene pretty much slays, but I still giggle when I hear Kirby Dominant rhyme “you ain’t takin’ no trophies home” with “Kirby Dominant takin’ all the trophies home”.

Jay Semko (Northern Pikes) – “Saskatoon Smile”

When we were kids we would go trick-or-treat at Jay Semko’s house on Halloween – not because he was in the Northern Pikes but because he had, like, full sized chocolate bars.