OMFEST Line-Up Revisions

OMFEST is saddened to report that Foggy Notions have dropped off the bill due to unexpected circumstances.

We won’t get into any details here, so don’t ask.

However, we are pleased to announce the addition of Saskatoon’s Arms Up.

Check out their OMFEST preview article HERE.

Behold… the new, revised schedule!

6:00-7:00: Pre-show Party
7:00-7:25 Quitters Club
7:40-8:05 Seahags
8:20-8:45 Arms Up
9:00-9:25 Reform Party
9:40-10:05 Lady Deathstryke
10:20-10:45 DFA
11:00-11:25 We Were Lovers
11:40-12:05 Shooting Guns

OMFEST takes place on Saturday, March 3 at Louis’ Pub.

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