Best of January

January Style Guide
This one was a pleasant surprise. Conjured up by the talented and amazing Caitlin Pickett, the January Style Guide resonated with a huge amount of people – especially surprising considering that the founders of Ominocity are known for being slovenly chumps who wouldn’t know a half-windsor knot if it was dipped in gin and slapped against their collective ass-cheeks.

Band Swap VI Review
Band Swap may just be the social event of the season for Saskatoon. Not only does it bring in a sellout crowd every year but it happens during the Christmas season crush when everyone who pitifully moved away slinking back to their depressing hometown for another piss-up before slinking back to whatever big city they decided to go to college at. But maybe most importantly you get to hear songs by Journey, Rush and other faux-metal greats. Ugh.

Reform Party Matador Video Premiere
Saskatoon’s Reform Party rule. The end.

Lugo Review
Lugo, the mysteriously-named one-night-only festival at the Mendel Art Gallery, sort of killed it this year. Combining theatrics, live music, live art and a crowd of ridiculously sexy people playing dress-up, the fundraiser has established itself as a local black tie affair that caters to those who don’t think twice about sneaking in purse vodka and pocket Boh.

Saskatoon’s Vive Announces They Are No More
When Saskatoon’s promotion concern vive announced their disbandment – including the cancellation of the perennially popular vivefest – the Internet kind of went apeshit. And while Ominocity, and pretty much every other person in Saskatoon who cares remotely about indie rock, mourns the lost, we all acknowledge that it was a cool thing while it lasted. Here’s to the next thing.