Reform Party

Reform Party “Matador” Video Premiere

Saskatoon’s Reform Party are kicking off 2012 with an Ominocity-exclusive release of the video for their song “Matador”.

The video, which was produced by Matthew Garand and Ryan Lalonde, features a recording by Josh Palmer.

Having released their debut EP with Ominocity several months ago as an exclusive download, the four-piece agit-rock band have since been at the forefront of a tsunami of activity, including keeping a massively active practice schedule as well as several live shows.

The video is fairly streamlined and forward, but contains plenty of subtleties for those of us who like weird details. In fact, without giving away too much, look for a telltale background piece penned by a certain local artist around the :19 second mark.

One of their most provocative live songs, “Matador” is equal parts post-rock posturing and a national anthem for fiery secessionists, fist-pumping maniacs and rabble-arousers.

But as to the purpose, and identity, of the masked reader propped in the corner the band is remaining mum.

“We like the mystery of it,” says vocalist Kay. “And we want to make people think about it.”

“You get to see the players play and its cool if you don’t have any of the recordings. It’s a good way for us to get our songs out there,” adds guitarist Levi Soulodre.

“We are scheming of another recording, possibly an EP,” says Kay on the band’s future. “We are either going to put it out ourselves or see if anyone else has an interest for it. And then we’re going to hit the road in the summer to as many cities that will have us.”

“Right now we are just trying to organize our practice schedules because everyone is so busy. Even though we practice once a day we want to practice three times a day.”

Yeah dudes, that’s really kind of cool. But also sort of insane. Just sayin’.

Download the band’s EP HERE.

[audio: Party/Reform Party – The Cables.mp3, Party/Reform Party – Eros.mp3, Party/Reform Party – Thirty-Nine.mp3|titles=The Cables,Eros,Thirty-Nine]

Upcoming shows:

Jan. 28 – Amigos, Saskatoon, with Powder Blue, Dirt
Feb. 29 – The Exchange, Regina, with Molten Lava
Mar. 3 – Louis’ Pub, Saskatoon, as part of OM-Fest