OMFEST Announced!

OMFESTOminocity presents OMFEST, a celebration of local music and our first anniversary.

After a bizarre and crazy year of running a website dedicated to the local music and arts scene, which somehow included winning an award for Saskatoon’s best blog from Planet S Magazine, Ominocity would like to party down with everyone who helped make 2011 so awesome.

OMFEST takes place on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at Louis’ Pub and begins promptly at 6 p.m.


Shooting Guns – Stoner psychedelic madness that goes surprisingly well with sobriety

We Were Lovers – Dance party throwdown for kids who like to keep their hands in their pockets

Reform Party – Auto-tuning the revolution

The Quitters Club – Pop-punk with a side of bacon

Lady Deathstryke – What happens when nerds grow up into punks but keep the comic books still stashed under their pillows

The Foggy Notions – Wistful summer jams that politely leaves you with a hickey just below the neckline

DFA – Yelly hardcore that scares the old folks but made by dudes who are total pussycats

The Seahags – Scrappy sass-mouthed folk that will beat you with daddy’s belt buckle

Expect a pre-show party, which will include earnest surprises, drinking, necking, nerding, listening, learning, giggling, ogling and rocking the #&%@ out!

Advanced tickets are available exclusively at

(Hint: #OMFEST if that means anything to you)