LUGO brings the artsy party to Saskatoon

LUGO, one of Saskatoon’s premiere arts and music celebrations, is taking over the Mendel Art Gallery this Saturday, Jan. 14, with a literal orgy of local indie music performances, multimedia installations and other assorted zaniness.

Okay, I guess it’s not a literal orgy, but you never know, right?

LUGO, which is now in its third year, was inspired by gallery parties from the ’60s and ‘70s, when folks clearly knew a thing or two about bringing the ruckus, and features short musical interludes from Father Figures, We Were Lovers, Slow Down Molasses and a DJ set by The Gaff, in addition to other artists from a variety of mediums.

Ominocity caught up with Troy Gronsdahl of LUGO, who helped shed some light on the festival and its silly name.

Ominocity: What does the word ‘LUGO’ mean anyway?

Troy Gronsdahl: It’s a word of mysterious origins, like Napster or Google. According to legend it is a bastardization of the Latin word iugo which means “to connect”.

OM: For those not yet in the know, what is LUGO all about?

TG: LUGO is a celebration of Saskatoon’s vibrant arts scene. For one night the gallery spaces are transformed into a premiere event space where hundreds of people gather to experience great art and food and raise money for Mendel Art Gallery exhibitions and programs.

OM: Why the emphasis on local music?

TG: Saskatoon’s independent music scene is quite special and really coming into its own. Our bands have been gaining recognition throughout Canada and abroad and I want to share a bit of those successes with the LUGO audience.

OM: This is a fundraiser, but for what exactly? Is the money going towards the new Remai Art Gallery or will this stay with the Mendel?

TG: This fundraiser is specifically for Mendel exhibitions and programs, though there will be information available on the new Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan at the event.

OM: Is there anything different from last year’s event?

TG: Putting together an event of this scale is no small undertaking and we learn a lot from one year to the next. We are trying to build on our successes by presenting a very relevant and diverse range of performances and creating a positive, celebratory atmosphere. We’re working with artists to develop interactive art experiences with an emphasis on handmade props and décor. We’re also working with some great new restaurants like Duck Duck Goose and The Hollows to offer wonderful local food.

Also, we anticipate another sold out event, so buy your tickets in advance at or at the Gallery Shop.

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