Rod Stewart

How To Land A Gal, or Get As Many Ladies as a Young Rod Stewart

As the scratchy voiced front man Rod Stewart once said, (even though the song was not his), some guys have all the luck. Single for simply a day, a week or less, these men seem to accumulate women faster than Rod Stewart accumulates tight, flashy pants. So what is their secret? Well there are three secrets to these “lucky guys” being able to accumulate women.

The first secret would have been learned a long time ago if men paid more attention to romantic comedies. The main character is attracted to a slightly awkward guy or girl who is dating a hyper-masculine male, or a hyper-feminine female. Later, after getting to know the main character who he or she has more in common with, the love interest decides that he or she would rather be with someone they have something in common with. Lesson to learn: those that are more in the middle of the gender divide will eventually getting the more girls. The reason for this is because women usually love to talk, and they usually like talking about things that interest them. This is not to say that a guy should be offering to do a girl’s hair or makeup, but perhaps finding something to talk about other than sports or video games would be beneficial. Some girls do like these subjects, but it is always good to have some more stuff to talk about. Feel your way through a conversation. Ask the girl questions about herself. The chances are you will have something in common, and she will be allured by your interest in her.

The second thing to note when it comes to having more luck when it comes to the opposite sex is having the ability to stand up for your self. You may have a lot in common with a person, but he or she may not see you as a romantic interest. The rule is to always stay genuine, but if you are ever treated wrongly by your love interest, standing up for yourself may prove to make her see you as an equal. Nice guys do finish last if they don’t stand up for themselves. This is because, contrary to popular belief, nobody wants to have unlimited power in a relationship. It seems great, but it creates great problems in the long run. Being able to be yourself and having your love interest know your side of things makes you interesting and respectable to that person.

The third thing is that those who seem to have “it” really just interact with a lot of women. This makes a lot of logical sense. Rod Stewart seemed to have much luck with women, but that is because most Rock Stars do. Although we can’t all be Rock Stars and naturals, simply improving your conversational skills, maintaining your boundaries, being yourself, and interacting with as many women as possible should put you in the lucky category with the men you once seemed to envy.

— Contributed by Amber Andrest