Post No Etiquette: A Guide to Postering in Saskatoon

Thanks to social media, cell phones and a little thing called the Internet, postering for shows seems destined to die a dinosaur’s death.

But, like typewriters, postcards, camera film, movie rental stores, phone books, paying for music and gas-powered engines, lots of people seem be on holding on to near-antiquated things as though their lives depended on it.

Postering in Saskatoon is no stranger to controversy – anyone else remember the Dead Hooker in a Trunk/The Taint debacle?

However, with promoters still jockeying with paper and poles as a means of advertisement, petit temper flares are pretty much a sure thing.

A stressed out show promoter? Seems unlikely.


There is an etiquette to postering however, according to Bad Monster Films’ Tyler Baptist, that, if followed, would probably cut down on the under the breath cursing and anger-related paper cuts.

“I’ve had the same issues as everyone else with my Bad Monster Films posters – people postering over top when clearly the date has not arrived or passed, and ripped them down as well,” says Baptist.

“But basically, anyone who puts up posters should follow the rules of poster etiquette.”

1) Only poster on designated postering areas. These are clearly marked Downtown and on Broadway, so that does not mean you can poster on any or all street lamps, telephone poles, etc. Although some exceptions apply in areas like near high schools or the university where everyone seems to poster ever pole along College Drive and the law does not seem to mind.

2) Only poster if open space is available and only one poster per pole. If a designated area is full, you simply walk away to the next spot. Check back in a few days to see if space is free or events are now in the past.

3) You can only poster on a full designated area if existing posters are past their date or if someone has multiple posters of the same event on one pole. You can cover it up, but try to fully remove their poster instead and put up your poster in their spot.

4) Please put posters edge to edge to save on space, and try not to overlap, especially to avoid show information/dates are covered up as this can result in your poster being torn down or removed.

5) You should only use clear packing tape for putting up posters. And posters should be 11×17 format. This ensures space is even across the pole and tidy.

6) And most important is to remember the city completely strips the poles of posters the third Wednesday of the month.