Zombifyus Interview

Saskatoon’s Zombifyus, a wildly anarchic electro duo, have recently returned from tour with a handful of local shows as well as a sold out limited edition EP.

With the disc is already unavailable, Zombifyus, comprised of Josh Feldman and Bennett Dobni, who also puts in time in Feral Children and Dreaming of Electric Sheep, are understandably stoked to have made some new friends while on the road.

“With the release of our limited EP, just 50 copies, we have received some very positive feedback,” says Dobni. “We prepared the disc for a tour we went on just over a month ago to have some music to sell along the road. People reacted very well to our live performances in different cities and were eager to pick up some of our music. We managed to sell all but a handful of CDs along the way then selling the remains upon arrival back in Saskatoon.”


On disc/Internet the duo are behooved with washed-out sound textures, anthemic guitar loops and warmly intermittent vocals that pulse with dreamy boy lulls. However, a live Zombifyus show is kind of like watching your sister kiss the boy you have a crush on – maybe a little awkward but you don’t dare tear your eyes away lest you miss something good.

Scattered amidst laptops, samplers, keyboards, guitars, amplifiers and a slapdash drum kit, Dobni and Feldman somehow make twiddling knobs and pressing on various delay pedals interesting – something that Dobni insists is a huge part of their mandate.

“It is safe to say that Josh and I do not use instruments in their traditional applications,” says Dobni. “The line between electronic and acoustic instruments is a foggy one for us as all the acoustic instruments are processed heavily with electronics. We initially started the project with less electronic influence and more ‘acoustic’ influence.”

Although physical copies of their debut EP are now more or less consigned to the whims of Internet downloaders and freeloaders, Dobni hints that more music is on the way.

“In the near future we would definitely like to release a full-length piece,” he says. “Realistically it might be a little way down the road from now as we are pretty picky about our work. In the near future expect to see some new limited run EPs, some Internet releases and some more works released on Pop Quiz.”