Tessa Kautzman

Pick of the Weekend: Tessa Kautzman

Tessa Kautzman, ex-Saskatonian and acoustic folk guitar banger extraordinaire, is reconvening in her hometown for a CD release show for her latest album Shredded Eagle, Sad Tambourine.

With the first song, entitled “Never Feel The Cold”, already garnering a blizzard of rave reviews, Kautzman is graciously leaking a second single as a pre-show teaser – kind of like handing a half-drunk guy a pint of Crown Float.

Already stronger than a shot of espresso with an eye-opening flair for lovelorn story-telling to boot, Kautzman explains that she is breaking away from the coffeeshop folk scene and moving into bold, new terrains.

“As for the singer/songwriter thing I feel like I have broken away from that a little, but only because I’ve become less concerned about it,” said Kautzman. “I’m definitely more comfortable with what I’m creating and trying not to care about whatever I’m labeled as. It is what it is.

“Maybe the epic guitar soloing helps a little bit.”

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Tessa Kautzman