Slow Down, Molasses

Pick of the Weekend: Slow Down, Molasses

Friends are nice. Just ask Slow Down, Molasses.

This Saturday’s show at Amigos, a fundraiser for the band’s upcoming UK tour and appearance at the End of the Road Festival in North Dorset, was conceived in pretty much the same way the band was: a flagrantly sketchy collection of pals making a massive clatter together.

Tellingly, the whole thing has kind of turned into a hilarious shitshow. Which, of course, is pretty much the best hang outs with friends you could ever ask for.

The band has gathered a mammoth collection of local musicians – freaks, creeps and weirdos the whole lot of them – to help back up the show in true Slow Down fashion – an ostentatious presentation that will no doubt nearly implode Amigos Cantina with over-the-top-ness and a perversely diverse collection of Saskatoon’s finest whatever-rock.

Other friends that are playing are: Maybe Smith, the Foggy Notions, Foam Lake, the Karpinka Brothers, soso, Reform Party, Jeans Boots, the Eyebats, Pearson, Father Figures and the Browntones.

The mini-fest is this Friday, July 22nd, 9 p.m. sharp at Amigos for a mere $10.
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