The Best of Ominocity

The Best of Ominocity

While it’s only been three months since Ominocity launched, we’ve had some wildly successful articles roll through. Probably due to some tenacious Facebook-liking and social media-whoring, some of our pieces received a surprising amount of hits. So kudos to you for supporting us and getting our name out there. We are just getting rolling, we have some hugely talented contributors and things are just starting to get good. Thanks for all your support.

Top 5 articles since March 1, 2011:

The Quitters Club – Full Bangs Review – Local pop-punk pundits who should probably play way more than they do.

Oh No! The D.I.Y. Sex Robot! – While this is a great article by one of our awesome regular contributors, I suspect this piece’s popularity might have something to do with random Google searches and not Ominocity’s regular readers.

Download of the Week: Black Top by Laureate – An awesome Montreal pop-punk band, one of the members wrote on Facebook “we got a good review by someone we don’t even know.” I felt kind of guilty about that one.

The Sheepdogs: Potential Cover Models for Rolling Stone Magazine – I hate to say it, but a few years ago there is no way I would have predicted that this band would blow up the way they did. Which kind of makes it all the more awesome that all of Canada is in love with the Sheepdogs now. Cheers boys!

Color Field Interview – More local goodness, and another band that I wish would play more than they do.