Color Field Interview

Color FieldSaskatoon’s Color Field is gearing up to release their debut CD entitled Before Vanishing at their album release show at Amigos on April 8th.

The band, a typical gang of local miscreants, includes members of Foam Lake and We Were Lovers in addition to the furry guy whom bartends at Amigos. But despite the well-known line-up, drummer Barrett Ross reports that Color Field is more or less the brain trust of front man Mike Velonas, producing a sound unique to the local indie scene.

“Although all of the songs were written by Mike, they were open for suggestion allowing the album to be a very much band-produced entity,” says Ross. “With the printed copies, we intend to apply to festivals, go on trips, and get our music out there. I think it’s silly and insecure to put the time, energy and money into something like an album, then not make it available for people to hear.”

Having started in 2008, Color Field has already adopted a familiar sound. Mixing plenty of driving indie rock-isms with lots of subtle spacing and atmospheric breakdowns, the band has left themselves plenty of room to grow while still benefiting from strong songwriting.

Although at times Velonas’ voice might be a little too familiar-sounding – he isn’t shy about flaunting his influences – there are elements such as female backing vocals that set Color Field apart on Before Vanishing.

Color Field

“The album was gradually picked at over the better part of a year,” says Ross. “It was recorded at Amber and my house, so there was no hourly studio rates, and we didn’t receive any funding, so there were no deadlines set outside of our own ambitions. This situation allowed Mike to take the songs home, obsess over them, than suggest changing them (usually) very drastically. At the time there were many groans, and sighs, with the over usage of the ‘F’ word. In the end though, I am glad that Mike pushed for this the way he did, because it made for a less obvious, or traditional, album.”

“In the near future we plan to do some short trips out to where ever will have us,” continues Ross. “We really enjoy playing together, and would love to take the show on the road. The plans are a little more in the idea stage right now, but things are getting solid. It will all likely begin with the usual jaunts to the coasts, or maybe we’ll just exclusively play Fort Mac.”