8 Reasons to buy property in Orangeville

If you’re looking to move and love the idea of a small town with a bustling community, Orangeville should be top of your list.

There are several reasons why the Orangeville property market has grown over the past few years, and if you’d like a slice of the action, read on to find eight reasons to buy property in Orangeville.

1. Great for commuting

While Toronto is a great place for job opportunities and city-life, it’s not to everyone’s tastes. If you love a small-town atmosphere but need to be able to commute to the city, Orangeville is the place for you. Located just 45 minutes away from the big city, commuters can have the best of both city and town life.

2. House prices are lower out of the city

Another reason so many commuters move to Orangeville is the huge difference in house price. Value for money is incredibly high in small towns, in comparison to their large city counterparts. For example, the average selling price for a house in the town is $567,000. Meanwhile, the average house price in Toronto is $890,000 – with a lot of these properties being apartments in large blocks.

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3. It’s a great place to raise a family

With open spaces, summer festivals, and well-established schools, Orangeville is the perfect place to raise a family. Whether you’re looking to settle down yourself or want to look at selling property in the town, families are a great target audience. There are plenty of parks and splash pads to entertain the kids, too.

4. A real sense of community

Unlike city-life, small towns like Orangeville offer a wonderful community spirit. The town hosts a huge number of community events, from the October Harvest Festival and Santa Claus Parade to even a Moon Light Magic Tractor Parade.

5. There’s plenty to do

From pubs like the historic Mill Street Pub to the jazz festival in June, you’ll never not have something booked on the calendar. There’s also plenty of outdoor space for biking, jogging, and playing with the kids.

6. Stunning hiking trails

The Scenic Island Lake Conservation has a 10km hiking trail, with another 18km in Monora Park. In the winter, Monora Park is transformed into a Winter Wonderland for cross-country skiing. There’s also the Bruce Trail in the Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, which is perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts.

7. A beautiful, historic charm

Whether you choose to live in Orangeville yourself or rent out the property for holiday-goers, Orangeville has a wonderful historic charm. Architecture within the town is quirky and beautiful, and there’s plenty of places for photographers and artists to take time out and enjoy the surroundings. The restored Opera House is definitely worth a visit, too.

8. Keep it local

While you’ll have access to a more diverse range of foods and drinks in the city, local produce is abundant in the small town. With the summer farmers’ market and other festivals, locals can enjoy fruit, vegetables, and fish produced in the local area.

— Featured photo by Flickr user retinafunk, Creative Commons