Business Opportunity in the Rising Market of Consumer Robotics

Some decades ago, letter writing was the main source of long-distance communication. But then, smartphones changed everything. From texting to voice calling, video calling, and even virtual presence. One more thing- artificial intelligence.

Consumer robotics is an aspect of artificial intelligence is ever-growing; presenting individuals with a means of making ends meet. It has grown from robot vacuum cleaners to robotic home assistant, from mere robot toys to a means of widening the cascade effect on kids through aiding the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum. Indeed, it has limitless opportunities and would definitely run most of our affairs in the next five years. Luckily, you can take advantage of this.

How? Let me show you.

Market View of Consumer Robots

A consumer or domestic robot is a service robot primarily designed for human-related activities such as household chores, education, entertainment therapy, and others.

How Fast Is This Sector Growing?

No doubt, this is a surging industry. In time past, this market was dominated by industrial and logistics uses, has shifted towards consumer, office and retail applications. It is fast-growing and has grown into diverse areas; increasing the business opportunities and areas of specialization. Consumer robotics is currently led by three distinct categories: telepresence, advanced home maintenance and entertainment purposes.

Home Market Trends

Robots have made life easier as compared to what we knew as life a decade ago. For instance, with best pool robots, according to Robots In My Home you don’t have to worry about swimming in dirty water. With a robotic dishwasher, your plates are always on the go, always recipient to your meal. With the amount of information on the net, awareness isn’t a hindrance. People are more informed than ever concerning the benefits robots bring into the home.

As a matter of fact, if they are already using cleaning robots in their homes, their expectations have likely expanded and they want new robots with additional capabilities. One of such would be upgraded, home assistants. An example of an upgraded home assistant would be one capable of a Sonos-Alexa integration. Of course, who wouldn’t desire using their voice assistant to play their favorite songs.

Educational Market Trends

Everyone wants to go to college so as to bag a degree. If this goal is to be achieved, it would be impossible to neglect the role technology plays as an active frontier in ensuring a better understanding of the lecturer. Every student knows this, and, as an intending business person in consumer robotics, you should know this too.

To confirm this isn’t a mere fable, statistics has it that the global educational robot market had a value of about 607 million dollars. With a compound annual growth rate (CARG) of 13.8%, it is projected to hit a market value of 1.9 billion dollars by 2025. As the years go by, the number of students in classrooms would increase. Alongside this increase would be more calls for the personalization of the curricula for school children with diverse interests. All these would fuel more research into artificial intelligence, precisely the development of social robots tailored towards supporting one-on-one coaching and teaching. So, I would advise you to consider getting into the educational sector of consumer robotics.

Wrapping Up:

As a dealer in robots, you would definitely face certain obstacles. One of such would be the revulsion most people face when confronted with robots who are humanoid in appearance, as well as the high price of the new technology caused by increased demands. Anyways, it is up to choose a means appropriate for dealing with these confrontations. So, Good luck!

— Featured photo by Flickr user peyri, Creative Commons