What to do in Saskatoon: Queer Songbook Orchestra, Chersea, The YXE Fringe

Queer Songbook Orchestra

Dedicated to exploring and uplifting 2SLGBTQ narrative through both a historical and contemporary context, the Queer Songbook Orchestra will be mining the last century of popular music and bringing intimate moments of truth and vulnerability to the Black Cat Tavern this Thursday.

Autopilot, Chersea, Royal Oak and Chasing Illusions

There’s a lot of good stuff here, but make sure to check out Chersea, a powerful performer who uses her loop-stations to create ethereal walls of frequencies. Come check out the show this Friday at the Capitol.

The Fringe Theatre Festival

It’s back! And maybe you noticed? The Nutrien Fringe Theatre Festival is an annual theatre and cultural celebration in the heart of the Broadway District in Saskatoon. Four city blocks are the outdoor setting for theatre, arts, crafts, food and busking for the 55,000 visitors attracted annually. Come chill, eat some food and support the arts!

Whale and the Wolf and The Hope State

Whale and the Wolf are cool, but have you ever Hope State? The project of Taylor Johnston, who cut his teeth in some cool Saskatoon bands from back in the day, The Hope State are back in town for one night only – come hang, reminisce and revisit this Friday at Amigos.

Arson Cult, The Switching Yard, The Sex Geckos and Sunny Day Encore

All the cool bands, all on one cool bill. Make sure to check out Sunny Day Encore, a dreamy shoegaze band from Moose Jaw, this Saturday at Amigos.