What to do in Saskatoon: The Radiant, W3APONS, Manitou Boogaloo

Hattie, The Radiant and Zelda Belladonna & the Deadly Nightshades

The Radiant, a budding alt-rock/noise-pop group with electronic psychedelia undertones, are releasing an EP and they’ve invited some cool music types to come throw a party. You, too, can party, this Friday at Amigos.

W3APONS, The Pits Planet Earth and Lunar Lander Dance Commander

Things seem to be happening for local trio W3APONS, who have been getting a ton of radio play lately. They seem to be in the mood to celebrate: Come check them out this Saturday at the Black Cat Tavern.

Raeburn, Paige Drobot and Hollow Oax

Sure to be playing cuts off his latest album Bongo Dracula, Raeburn returns to the stage, this Saturday at the Capitol.

Manitou Boogaloo

Super fun event that’s not in Saskatoon – it’s also SOLD OUT for all you slow on the draw for ticket-types. Whoops. For the rest of us, we gonna have a time dancing up a storm to the likes of the Seahags, The Garrys and Snake River. This Friday at legendary venue Danceland, “home of the world famous floating dance floor built on horsehair.”

Also, if you are looking for a good way to dust off a Boogaloo-related hangover, make sure to drop by Manitou Beach, where residents are looking to establish a local record for the number of people floating in the lake.