What to do in Saskatoon: Foxwarren, Operators and Kasia Leigh Leonard

Foxwarren and Hannah Cohen

Way back in 2018, Foxwarren quietly put out what many considered to be one of the most well-crafted albums of the year. Featuring highly-venerated singer/songer Andy Shauf, this Sask-grown group is finally making their way to Saskatoon. Come feel the hubbub, this Thursday at the Broadway Theatre.

Operators and DOOM SQUAD

DOOM SQUAD RULES! And the Operators too, I guess, maybe, I dunno. This Saturday at the Capitol.

Christian Howse and Kasia Leigh Leonard

Ever crave the sounds but without the crowds? The fine folk at 134 Homemade Jam have put together this humdinger of a house show for you, featuring some fine upstanding musicians in a safe, friendly environment. Advance tickets recommended – show happening this Wednesday.

Dopethrone, Chronobot, Lavagoat, Black Hell Oil

For those who like their heaviosity hazy, hearty and, err, heavy? Real dope show from a bunch of dope dudes. This Tuesday at the Black Cat.

Wenches & Rogues and New Jacobin Club

Two of Saskatoon’s most unique live acts in one show! Celtic metal featuring traditional instruments and dark theatrical weirdness! Come peep it this Saturday at Amigos.