What to Do in Saskatoon: The Music of Harry Potter, Gray Records Release Party, The Art of Jon Vaughn April 16 - 23, 2018

9 & 3/4s – The Music of Harry Potter

You loved the movies. Now, come reenact your various wizarding fantasies as the Saskatchewan Symphony Orchestra celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first printing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with a showcasing of music from the films, this Saturday at TCU Place.

Grey Records Presents: Grey Matter Compilation Release

Grey Records is about to drop a very awesome, very important compilation album made by bands and artists with a strong femme presence, who demonstrate inclusive politics in their respective music scenes. Check out the show this Friday at the PAVED Arts/AKA Event space. Also, there’s going to be cake!

Jon Vaughn: Yack a Blue Streak, New Prints and Drawings

Saskatoon artist and musician Jon Vaughn is offering up a new series of prints on T-shirts and paper, as well as copies of his new curated anthology Realms II. Also, the opening, this Thursday at Flint, is going to feature a whole bunch of performances from people from bands you have probably seen before.

Saskatchewan Symphony Orchestra Book Sale

Rather than letting the book worms face off against the crate diggers, the SSO is splitting their annual sale into two, with the book sale happening from April 19 to 28. Record nerds are just gonna have to wait til May.

Casper Skulls w/ Waitress

In late 2017, Toronto’s Casper Skulls released maybe one of the dizzyingly catchy songs of the year with “Lingua Franca” off their album Mercy Works. Make sure to come check them out on Monday, April 23 at the Black Cat Tavern along with locals Waitress.