Listen to the new Chunder Buffet single “Temporary”

Noise fits, punk riffs, a searing itch.

All that and a soaring avalanche of nervy melody fuse together on the latest single from Chunder Buffet.

The track, entitled “Temporary” from their upcoming full-length LP, opens with a volley of glorious fuzz riffing and ghostly disorienting vocal lines. Clocking in at just under three-minutes, it’s a blunt, densely-packed foray that encapsulates Chunder Buffet’s power to pack a blister attack of teeth-rattle anthems into a neat set of reverb-drenched stomp refrains.

The group will be showcasing “Temporary” – along with a new set of songs – on Saturday, July 8 at Vangelis along with The Avulsions and Blessed. You can also catch Chunder Buffet on July 21 with Mobina Galore and Heart Attack Kids at Amigos Cantina.

And for those of you who can’t wait for the rest of the album, well, tough – Cesspool is expected to drop this September on Grey Records.