Listen to The Garrys new single “Manitouna”

Somewhere in the gloomy belly of Manitou Lake resides a monster. Its name is Manitouna, and she is pissed.

Or so says drummer and vocalist Lenore Maier of Saskatoon-based doom-wop trio The Garrys on the group’s surf-laden lead single “Manitouna” from their upcoming full-length LP.

Entitled Surf Manitou, the name of the album and the subject matter isn’t exactly a convincing invitation for anyone to clamber in to the oft-tempestuous lake – a body of water known for throwing the occasional tantrum and threatening to flood nearby landmarks such as Danceland.

But the song “Manitouna” is a different tale entirely, and one that will leave you shimmying.

Having honed the pop-creep sounds from their debut album Warm Buds, on “Manitouna” The Garrys combine wipeout-esque rhythms and the dirge-iest of surf rock with impeccable harmony. The end result is a prairies Twilight Zone clambake where no one is spared.

The release of “Manitouna” will be happening Friday April 7 (that’s tonight!). This show coincides with the launch of Grey Records, a newly-imprinted label that will be releasing Surf Manitou on Friday, May 19, with a release show in collaboration with the Girls Rock Camp: All Grown Up! Showcase on Sunday, May 21 at Amigos.