The ghost signs of Prince Albert: Photo Essay

Ghost signs can be found throughout Saskatchewan – if you look for them

You might not notice them – at first anyway – but ghosts live amongst us.

Ghost signs, the faded and tattered remnants of local advertisements and business signs that are sequestered into alleyways and tacked onto crumbling brick walls, tell the tales of times long past.

And they can be seen in Prince Albert, Sask. – and the rest of the world. If you look for them.

There are only a few, but the ghost signs that still haunt the walls of downtown P.A. are stunning.

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prince albert ghost sign 1

prince albert ghost sign 2

prince albert ghost sign 3

prince albert ghost sign 5

prince albert ghost sign 6

As it turns out, these signs have caught the interest of ghost hunters across the world.

Sam Roberts is the founder of, a website that contributes to the research and archival of the fading remains of hand-painted wall advertising. Living in London, England, Roberts, who was working in the advertising industry, spotted a ghost sign on the building wall. The sign was advertising pen repair – something that struck him as odd. “That sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore,” recalls Roberts. “It was really faded as well and I realized that it wouldn’t be there forever.

“Once you start to notice where they are and where they reside in the urban landscape you start to spot them everywhere and they become very apparent,” says Roberts.

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