How to win at shovelling your sidewalk

If the city ever starts handing out prizes for best-shovelled sidewalk then we nominate this person

Have we lost the war on winter?

These snow-drenched months in Saskatoon are always sort of the worst, especially when you are one of those weirdo types that walks instead of drives. Every day is another dance with potentially broken bones, wet socks and frost-bitten toes. To completely misquote that Sloan song, “It’s not the hoofing, it’s the slush I hate.”

That said, encountering a chunk of shovelled sidewalk is like an oasis amidst an endless sea of desolate white. It might only last for a few seconds, but it’s a nice reprieve from the ankle-deep snowbanks.

Recently, the City of Saskatoon approved a policy that would see repeat-non-shovel-offenders slapped with fines.

So, if the loafers and laze-abouts are punished for their no-show snow removal, does that mean that the city will start giving out prizes to those who do an exceptional job at clearing their sidewalks?

If so, we totally nominate this person. You made the walk to work not suck today.