Top 14 photos of 2014: Year in review

Just like last year, 2014 was one heck of a wild ride

Once again we would like to thank everyone who supported local music in any way shape or form, whether it was writing a song, putting up a poster or masterminding a festival.

Also super huge thanks to all the photographers out there that we worked with this year.

Thanks for everything friends, and please take care out there.

Ominocity’s top 14 photos of 2014:

Hagface at Vangelis

MoSoFest 2014 Photo Essay

What’s even more difficult than attempting to watch every band at a festival that features over 80 acts? Attempting to document it all at the same time. But I’ve always considered that to also be part of the fun of MoSo – so much to see, and even more to try and remember.

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“I was born in 3D and I’ll die in 3D”: OMFEST 3D in review: Photo Essay

“So what exactly is in 3D here?” “EVERYTHING!” Once again thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported Ominocity, OMFEST and the amazing musicians. Aging is a difficult thing to do – it was our third birthday, if that wasn’t abundantly clear. But partying helps.

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Perdue is home to one of Saskatchewan’s most amazing independent bookstores

Perdue, located west of Saskatoon on Highway 14, is one of those sleepy Saskatchewan towns reminiscent of summer visits to rural relatives and pee-breaks in strange, odious gas stations. But it also harbours a magical, and unlikely, institution. Located within the brick innards of a former bank, the prairie town is the home of Crawford’s Used Books, an independent store that houses a baffling amount of novels, paperbacks, manuals, texts and tomes. Among other things.

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Lagwagon at Louis' in Saskatoon

REVIEW: Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters and This Legend at Louis’ in Saskatoon (Nov 17, 2014)

The recent Lagwagon concert was a classic 90’s punk show down to the lost shoes on the floor. The mosh pit was wild, beer was flowing and everyone was happily singing along. It was also a trip to see these bands in the same venue that I first saw them as a teenager some 15 to 20 years ago.

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Saskatoon Park(ing) Day 2014

Saskatoon Park(ing) Day 2014 Recap: Photos & Videos

Park(ing) Day celebrated a successful third anniversary in Saskatoon last Friday with the street festival seeing a steady flow of enthusiastic attendees throughout the course of the day.

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cawker city 2

Weird America: Cawker City has the world’s largest twine ball… maybe: Photo Essay

Cawker City, Kansas holds the dubious distinction of possessing the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. Maybe. According to sources, there are several other twine claims, including those in Darwin, Minnesota, Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin and Valley View Texas.

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Jack White at Sonic Boom Festival 2014

Sonic Boom Festival 2014 Photo Review

This year’s Sonic Boom was a doozy, with highlights including Jack White throwing polaroid photos into the audience, The Descendents blasting classic anthems written nearly 30 years ago, and Corb Lund’s Edmonton Oilers hockey jersey (and Carhartt pants no less!).

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teese ghost sign 2

Ghost Signs: a glimpse into the faded remnants of local history: Photo Essay

Ghost signs, the faded and tattered remnants of local advertisements and business signs that are sequestered into alleyways and tacked onto crumbling brick walls, tell the tales of times long past. And they can be seen in Saskatoon – and the rest of the world. If you look for them.

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Ms. Lauryn Hill at Bessborough Gardens

The Top Moments of the 2014 Saskatchewan Jazz Festival: Review, Photos

It’s not really summer in Saskatoon until the Jazz Festival finally hits. Whether its lounging in grassy confines of the Bessborough Gardens, or the beer tents at the free stage along the riverbank, the event has become the official usher of the season. That said, despite some less than idyllic weather, even the rain didn’t deter the fans or the musicians.

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Horizon Saskatchewan 8

Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Horizon: Photo Essay

Welcome to Horizon, a ghost town situated just south of Highway 13. Sitting on the edge of town are two dilapidated grain towers, crumbling but still oddly beautiful. And as much as you’d want to explore the great musty innards of such an edifice, it’s probably a really poor decision. Tempting thoughts though.

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Private Eyes

Private Eyes, they’re watching you: Photo essay

Several weeks ago I discovered several discs of heavy plywood behind my office space – I believe they came from the mysterious workshop with the wood-cutting robots (robots!) in the basement that packed up long ago. Re-creating the digital components into the physical world, I was able to copy and paste these elements into an otherwise mundane landscape in order to quickly document them before taking them to the next real-life artboard.

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Tough Age at Sled Island

Sled Island 2014 review: Total redemption fest

Where to start. Sled Island fucking ruled this year. Not only was it a badass line-up full of super rad bands but it was a total redemption fest. Last year I drove up on the Thursday night and watched approximately 1.5 bands at the Ship and Anchor before the lights were turned on and it was announced that all of downtown Calgary was being evacuated. I did however get to spend the rest of the night watching The Bitterweed Draw play in a living room by candlelight.

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Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014 Review

If you spotted more capes and cowls than usual this past weekend, don’t worry, you didn’t miss Halloween. The Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo joined forces with Calgary Expo to present a much larger conference at Prairieland Park this year. And talk about a dynamic duo, the merger saw attendance numbers soar to over 8,800 and attracted several high profile celebrity guests.

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We Hosted a Black Metal Adult Colouring Contest Beer Night and The Results are Jaw Dropping (NSFW)

Beer was sucked back upon, black metal dudes were out in full force, crayons were supplied. Welcome to the the Ominocity Adult Colouring Contest.

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