Tonight It’s Hilarity: Brendan Flaherty releases debut spoken word album

Flaherty to perform along with economics on Valentine’s Day

Brendan Flaherty is a really funny dude. A regular in Saskatoon’s spoken word scene – centered around the Tonight It’s Poetry series, his pieces often tend to resemble self-deprecating vignettes that end with people laughing. With him, of course.

His debut album, It Means A Lot To Be Alive Here And Now, is similarly chortle-worthy.

Recorded live at The Bassment on the same night as the series finale of Breaking Bad, Flaherty riffs on meatheads, Snapchat fails and impregnating Wal-Mart greeters. It’s heady stuff.

Available on a pay-what-you-can basis, the album also comes with a PDF of his chapbook “Bugger All”.

Ominocity recently caught up with Flaherty for a quick chat about comedy, navel gazing and awkward Valentine’s Day performances.

Ominocity: So a lot of what you do seems to be classified as poetry or spoken word, but there is a huge comedic element to it – are you veering into stand-up comedy with It Means A Lot To Be Alive Here And Now?

Brendan Flaherty: I’d like to think it’s as much stand-up as it is poetry in that it isn’t necessarily that poetic. When the question of comedy comes up I like to point out the difference in the audience at a poetry show. At a comedy show people are expecting to laugh. That’s the only reason they bothered to show up. At a poetry show, if people happen to find it funny, it’s a bonus. I’m probably cheating everybody or something.

OM: So why release this as an online album?

BF: Just trying to spread the gospel according to spoken word. Even though our poetry scene in Saskatoon is thriving it’s still a pretty niche thing. The more people get a chance to hear that it’s not all fake profundity and navel gazing, the more accessible it becomes. “Poetry” is a big world.

OM: Any upcoming events to promote? Poetry slams? Ribbon cuttings? Infomercial voice-overs?

BF: There is a big slam coming up on February 16 that’s a qualifier for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, which takes place in Vancouver. Um, I’m also part of the ensemble in this year’s Victoria Spoken Word Festival, which should prove to be a really cool experience. I’m also working on a song with economics that will get a live debut on Valentines’ Day at Amigos. I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple of things. I don’t know how to say no.

Photo credit: Brent Chappell