Regina just released a mixtape love letter of some deliriously good bands

Prairie Shag blog launches compilation cassette of Queen City’s indie scene

Regina, I always used to think you were the real-life Shelbyville to my Springfield. Sorry, but it’s true. I considered you the weird older cousin who got a little too serious and lamed out during your teenage years. And then you got older and you wanted to come party again but it was admittedly pretty awkward.

Then I got over my bad attitude. I spent some time getting to know your coffee shops, your bargain malls, your alt-mag, your artists, your cheap arcades and your many unique venues. You’ve got The German Club, O’Hanlons and The Exchange, and we don’t have anything really like that in Saskatoon. Maybe we’re the Shelbyville.

Regina, I also got to know some of your musicians and their many talented bands. And they are great.

prairie shag art

And many of those groups have been featured on a newly-released cassette tape compilation issued by Prairie Shag, a new blog servicing Regina’s fertile indie rock scene.

Helmed by Carl Johnson, who plays in a plethora of bands including Library Voices, Coldest Night of the Year, College Kids and The Florals to name a few, the idea was to help give a voice to Regina’s burgeoning musical underbelly.

“I’m not trying to appeal to a mass audience, just trying to do my bit to help spread the word on some music I really like coming out of Regina right now,” says Johnson.

“I haven’t made tapes since high school and I thought it would be fun so I tried it. I still have a shit-tonne of dubbing to do.”

Musically, the tape is a veritable genre mish-mash, kind of like what that weird smorg restaurant in Moose Jaw is to food. Side A starts off with a liberal dose of snot via punk legends The Extroverts – you can read Ominocity’s interview with that band HERE.

From there it meanders off into hazy psych (Robin And The Hairy Bats), ballsy stoner jams (Black Thunder) and acoustic ballads that could melt butter (Andy Shauf). Side B similarly offers up an eclectic mix with some heavy weirdness from The Spoils, countrified stomping from The Florals and crunk-dance beats from The Peanut Butter Genocide.

There’s also plenty of names on the tapes that I had never heard of before – really digging the track by Robin And The Hairy Bats. Also, that name.

The compilation even includes Saskatoon’s The Wizards. So how the heck did that happen?

“Because people from Regina should listen to more bands from Saskatoon, and we have to start somewhere.”

Good point. But Saskatoon also needs to listen to more bands from Regina. They are deliriously good.

Oh yeah, visit the Prairie Shag blog for hard copies of the cassette – apparently they can be had for the price of shipping.