Twin Voices

Twin Voices: Finding intricacy in transience: Video

Nomadic musician Laura Beach finds a home in Saskatoon. For now…

“The looping project has been a way for me to write and create songs and work as a musician in a fairly nomadic and transient way,” explains Twin Voices’ Laura Beach. “I’ve found that I’ve been moving a lot recently and this looping set-up helps me perform as a solo artist with a sound that is larger than just guitar and a voice.”

Crafting beautifully intricate songs using violin, guitar and vocal loops, Twin Voices surfaced within Saskatoon’s indie scene after spending time playing shows and recording in Montreal. And with roots in Ottawa and Quebec City, Beach brings a unique sound that has been collected via her travels as well as her experiences growing up in a musical family.

Twin Voices

“My mother was a music teacher for infants and toddlers so all of my life my house was filled with music and those basic elements of music, rhythm and melody, were present,” says Beach.

“I studied classical violin, I started playing the bass because I got bored of playing the violin, and I played guitar when I got bored of playing bass.”

I started playing the bass because I got bored of playing the violin, and I played guitar when I got bored of playing bass

Under the Twin Voices guise, Beach has released two EPs, including her latest Live at Treehouse Alley Studio. Using guitars as a backing track, which encompasses both melody and rhythm, Beach manages to create ghostly soundscapes that are dominated by delicate and oft-otherworldly singing – vocals that are often looped and weaved in and around with one another.

Currently recording at Saskatoon’s Avenue Studio, Beach says that her next album will feature four or five new songs, which will in turn be remixed by electronic musicians and artists.

But even though Twin Voices has left an indelible mark in Saskatoon, along with collaborations with the likes of Minor Matter and Six Moons Later, Beach says that she will be moving along to the west coast of Canada for the winter.

“Saskatoon’s music scene has been so welcoming – it was one of the reasons why I moved here. I mean, I moved here for love, which is a great reason to move across the country. But I’ve met so many great musicians and it’s been really amazing how energetic and collaborative people have been.”

Rumour has it that Twin Voices will be making at least one more appearance at an upcoming house show on Dec. 20. Keep your ears to the internet, friends.

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