Contest Winners Announced: Win one of two Ominocity screenprinted posters

Hot dog we have a wiener! A contest wiener that is

We have our wieners! I mean winners.

Using a random number generator, we have selected 10 lucky recipients for our Ominocity screenprinted posters contest.

Jane Caulfield
Rooftop Lovers
Chelsea Belt
Elsa Gebremichael
Kirk Kitzul
Lind Zee
Brett James Lindsay
Jason Hattie
Arlin Schaffel
Courtney Sperling

You might notice some wacky names in the list – contesters were asked to comment on a photo via Facebook. So we will be contacting all these lovely goodlookings via private messages as well.

Winners will have their pick between one of the two lovely posters below (first come, first serve!):

photo (8)
photo (6)

Thanks much again to everyone who entered and look forward to more contests next week!