Slow Down Molasses bassist announces tour dates for new tour diary zine

Ominocity founder releases “Sometimes We All Fall Apart” zine

Chris Morin aka Chrix Morix founder of, is launching the third installment of his tour diaries with Saskatoon indie rock band Slow Down Molasses.

sdm zine 2

“Sometimes We All Fall Apart” follows his two previous tour diaries “Janky” and “Sleeveless Summer”, both of which are available online at

Additionally, “Janky” was featured as a spoken word segment on CBC’s SoundXchange program.

The zine details Morin’s adventures as Slow Down Molasses embarks on tours that take them across Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Independently published in a small run at 44 pages, and featuring exclusive risograph artwork produced with Toronto’s Paper Pusher, the diaries are interspersed with personal diatribes on topics such as lost gum, sex and packing a guitar case with dirty underwear. “Sometimes We All Fall Apart” is a flirty mash note to anyone who likes their adventures loud and their existence haphazard.

The release of “Sometimes We All Fall Apart” coincides with Slow Down Molasses’ upcoming cross-Canada tour, which includes appearances at the BreakOut West Festival (Calgary), Up + Downtown Music + Arts Festival (Edmonton) and CMJ (New York City).

Read a short excerpt from the zine:

“This is my idea of hell,” says Jeanette.

I couldn’t disagree.

For the past hour we had been staring at a drink menu while seated in a hotel bar that was located near Gatwick Airport and not much else. A hub for tourists who didn’t know any better to not fly out of Heathrow, we stared longingly at the overpriced booze that was clearly out of our league. Our flight didn’t leave for another ten hours, and the frayed memories of another UK tour debauch were already fading like a very vanilla hangover.

“The worst part is we can’t even get drunk,” she continues.

I had been cajoled, catcalled and cold cocked in dives that were far more scummy than this. But at least the drinks had been halfway reasonable. Hotel bars were the worst. Instead of a literal punch to the face you simply got gouged.

But, like most things in life, it actually could be worse. It could have been a bar back home.

Catch Slow Down Molasses on tour this fall:

October 4 – Calgary – Breakout West Festival – Dickens Pub
October 5 – Calgary – Breakout West Festival – Broken City
October 13 – Edmonton – Up + Downtown Festival – Yellowhead Brewery
October 16 – Montreal – Divan Orange
October 17 – New York – CMJ Festival – Cake Shop – NYC Taper Day Party
October 18 – New York – CMJ Festival
October 19 – New York – CMJ Festival – The Lit Lounge
October 21 – Kingston – YGK Fest – The Tucan
October 22 – Ottawa – Pressed
October 23 – Toronto – The Supermarket
October 24 – Windsor – The Phog Lounge
October 25 – Daytrotter Session
October 26 – Grand Forks, ND – Ojata Records
* * * November 1 – Saskatoon – Vangelis Tavern – OFFICIAL ZINE LAUNCH PARTY SHOW (details TBA)