Bastard Poetry release debut album, party in small towns

Acoustic punk band to play album release party this Friday

Booking your tour around a cluster of small towns in the southern part of the prairies seems like a strange idea for any band.

But for Alex Shenton of acoustic punk group Bastard Poetry it was a welcome return to the familiar.

Playing in towns such as Limerick and Pincher Creek in Alberta, Shenton says he purposely booked the the tour around their hometown crowds – he was born and raised in Pincher Creek while other members similarly have roots in Alberta.

“So much love support and partying everywhere we went,” says Shenton. “Swimming, cliff jumping, and some hiking all happened. Spent our night in Waterton jamming on the rooftops with the hotel staff until sunrise. Made too many friends along the way to thank for their hospitality.

“Plus small towns party way harder.”

While the band plans on heading out east later this fall, for now Bastard Poetry are gearing up to release their debut full-length album Whole. The group will be playing an album release party on Friday, September 6 at Rock Bottom with The Department Heads, Myles and the Blanks, and The Triplophonics.

The songs, inspired by Shenton’s earnest poetry, are rough-hewn but warm-hearted. Musically the group takes elements of campfire and combines it with rousing, anthemic punk rock hoary choruses.

“Musically all if the songs originated from poems I wrote and set to basic acoustic guitar as therapy to deal with heartbreak when I was younger,” says Shenton. “The other members brought in their unmarried musical influences, bastard ideas if you will, to create a unique sound.

“We already have the next album half written, and will track it soon.”