Single Mothers are restoring order to the holy trinity of rock and roll

Ontario four-piece to play Saskatoon alongside Magna Carta and the Faps

When was the last time you heard a band that perfectly embodied the wild spirit of all things rock and roll?

Single Mothers, a four-piece punk band from London, Ontario, might just be the new saviours of degenerates and dirtbags who like their music grimy and dangerous.

Combining the thud of Icarus Line along with the hardcore sass of the Blood Brothers, Single Mothers are gearing up for their North American tour, along with a stop in Saskatoon.

single mothers 2

While a full-length is still in the works – the group has released two EPs since their inception in 2009 – guitarist Micheal Peterson says the material is well worth the wait.

“We try to stick to the idea of doing whatever we want,” says Peterson.

“It’s actually kind of perfect how long it’s taken us to get this LP out. We went to Los Angeles and were working on the record and we ended up having a member change. And there has been a multitude of things to overcome to getting this full-length out. But I think it’s almost kind of finished.”

On their most recent self-titled EP, Single Mothers tear viciously through some seriously shit-eating grin grunge punk. And the abrasiveness of the guitars is almost matched by the sardonic spit and bluster of the lyrics – it’s love songs for smartasses and punks alike.

With plans to release the album early next year, Single Mothers are instead focusing on terrorizing Canada and the US on their upcoming tour – a jaunt that kicked off with the group opening for bands such as The Replacements, Iggy and the Stooges and Dinosaur Jr. at Toronto’s Riotfest.

“Well we are certainly small fish there,” laughs Peterson.

“It was more than exhilarating to share the stage with bands of that magnitude. They are legends. But it’s one of those things that I try not to think about and psyche myself out.”

Single Mothers will be playing at Vangelis Tavern in Saskatoon on Saturday August 31. Opening the show is Magna Carta and the Faps.

-Featured photos from Flickr user “elawgrrl” – Creative Commons.