Weak Ends release Eyes of the World LP: Interview

Saskatoon punk band takes gnar punk riffs and combines them with the howls of a gentleman getting his toenails ripped out

Weak Ends, a Saskatoon hardcore punk group, are unveiling their debut vinyl LP Eyes of the World, a joint release with local record label Teen Frenzy.

The release show is planned for Friday, August 23 at Vangelis. Other groups include Birch Hills, Filthy Senoritas, No Blood No Foul and Grimace.

Eyes of the World is 15 tracks of stripped down, no-frills hardcore that barrels and grinds with the tenacity of a teenage buffalo. With the majority of the songs hovering around the one-minute mark, Weak Ends take gnar punk riffs and combine them with the howls of a gentleman getting his toenails ripped out – thankfully this isn’t literally the case.

Luke Brisebois, bassist of the group, says that fans can expect more ripping tunes, along with a few stylistic twists.

“The songs are generally shorter and faster,” says Brisebois. “There are a couple that change up the tempo a bit, not being as straight ahead fast, and there is even an instrumental song on there.”

Aside from the music hitting you repeatedly in the kisser, the artwork is similarly striking. Drummer Colin McNeil says that the LP art was provided by Matt Kerley, a tattoo artist from Chicago.

“Both the front and back covers are pages from his zine ‘Damned,’” says McNeil. “We brought him a copy and some other merch on tour this summer and a few of the guys got tattoos from him. Super swell guy.”

The group recently returned from an eastern Canadian tour, and hopes to return to the studio to record some new material.

In addition to their record release at Vangelis, Weak Ends will also be playing a release show at Regina’s German Club on Saturday, August 24. The band will also be opening for the Cancer Bats and Bat Sabbath at Louis’ on October 8.