Foggy Notions, soso and The Moas all release new albums

Triple action album release party to go down at Amigos this Saturday

Everybody is releasing an album!

In addition to the Weak Ends vinyl LP release show at Vangelis tonight, there is a whole crew of musicians celebrating their own new albums.

Amigos Cantina will be hosting a triple album release party on Saturday, August 24. And it’s going to be a doozy.

Bring money.

Foggy Notions – Sussed

Their first release featuring the current six-piece line-up, Foggy Notions worked with Joe Foster, a Scottish musician, producer and one of the founders of Creation Records, to help achieve the wall-of-noise guitar pedal heroics and fuzzed-out pop sounds that makes up the majority of the album. Bending shimmery choruses into a sway of mid-tempo pop, Sussed is an exploration into a strobed-out disco ball of highly satisfying off-kilter harmony and dissonance.

“Everything totally changed,” says guitarist Kalon Beaudry. “You can’t help but play in a certain way with different guitarists. We probably strayed more from what I had in mind with this line-up, which is a good thing. The first songs were really guitar-based, and it was harder to deviate from those sounds.”

soso – Not For Nothing

On his fifth full-length album, Not For Nothing, Saskatoon artist and musician soso aka Troy Gronsdahl delivers a complex series of vignettes and essay snippets overtop of a haunting, self-composed soundtrack.

“I was building on a few ideas I wanted to tackle and reflecting on some of the things happening in my life,” recalls Gronsdahl. “My experience at the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, France motivated me to keep plugging away. It’s nice to know there is an audience out there somewhere who is interested in your work and it’s reassuring to know your music holds up in a bigger context.”

Check out Ominocity’s interview with soso HERE.

The Moas – self-titled

The Moas’ self-titled album, released digitally on their Bandcamp site and on download card, is a whirlwind of muscular guitars alongside earthy synths and breathy vocals. The group also has a flexi-disc single for the song “Of Mice” for those who like to listen to their music on the turntable.