By Divine Right return to Saskatchewan: Download of the Week

Toronto group to play Ness Creek festival, Vangelis in Saskatoon

By Divine Right, a long-running Toronto group helmed by front man José Contreras, returns to the prairies.


The group will be appearing tonight, Friday, July 19 at the Ness Creek Festival afterhours tent as well as headlining at Vangelis on Saturday.

Currently on tour promoting Organized Accidents, their latest full-length album and ninth LP overall. By Divine Right deliver plenty of ’90s-esque pop harmonies that are delightfully obscured through a thick veil of fuzz and drone. Rad stuff for sure.

Ominocity recently caught up with By Divine Right for a quick chat on Organized Accidents, being a band for over two decades and playing in a Toronto band with a prairies ex-pat (bassist Alysha Haugen is an ex-Saskatonian).

Ominocity: What’s the best thing that anyone has said about your new album Organized Accidents?

José Contreras: Best By Divine Right album ever. That’s pretty cool almost 24 years into it! People have said nice things about the songs, about the production, and about our vocals. I feel great about it all cause we worked really hard on it.

OM: What kind of reactions have you been getting on this most recent tour?

JC: I think this is the most enthusiastic response we’ve ever had on tour. That’s saying a lot. We’ve been playing together for almost three years now, so we have a lot of material to play which makes it easy to have a cool show.

OM: What’s the best part about playing in Saskatoon?

JC: Hands down, hanging out with Lysh’s sisters.

While Organized Accidents isn’t currently available for streaming, you can watch a video for the band’s latest single “More Thorns”, which is featured on the album.

By Divine Right Photo by Jonathan Abrosimoff & Ben Srokosz