Ness Creek’s 2013 Festival Launches Today

Lose your shoes and dance like hippies are watching

Hippies, naturalists, campers and northern music lovers rejoice!

The 2013 Ness Creek Music Festival, located near Big River, SK, begins today, Thursday, July 18 and runs until Sunday, July 21.

Also, internet prowlers rejoice! Ness Creek has a spanky new website too!

As always, the Festival promises to be one hell of a time.

Performer schedules for Ness Creek have just been added to our iPhone app! Download the app HERE.

But, you know, feel free to enjoy being in nature and away from your computer and your phone.

Ness Creek’s 2013 Line-up:

Amelia Curran
Andino Suns
Blue King Brown
Close Talker
Crooked Creek
Elliott Brood
Gunner and Smith
John Antoniuk
Keiffer & the Curiosity Club
Little Miss Higgins
Malika Sellami
Mary Gauthier
Midnight Roses
Myles & the Blanks
Old Man Luedecke
Petunia and the Vipers
Purdy Bird
Raven She Hollers
Reuben and the Dark
Said the Whale
Sarah Farthing
Shooting Guns
Six Moons Later
The Classy Chassys
The F-Holes
The Karpinka Brothers
The Lonesome Weekends
The Wooden Sky
Wolfen Rabbits
Wyndham Thiessen
Young Benjamins

Tune in next week for Ominocity’s coverage of the 2013 Ness Creek Festival.

Photo from Flickr user “busysignals” – Creative Commons