Moose Jaw has some wonderful oddities: Photo Essay

Scenes of Moose Jaw (and maybe Regina): May 9 – May 26

I’ve been living and working in Moose Jaw for about two weeks. It’s not enough time to genuinely know a place, but it’s enough time to crash my way through some of its oddities.

Moose Jaw’s biggest asset is its sense of history – despite covering less than half of the area of Saskatoon, it has more recognized heritage property. It’s a quaint and pleasant experience. Most of the historic buildings are concentrated downtown, where they’ve further capitalized on them with a dubiously Disney-esque trip underground through some tunnels you’ve probably heard of.

Moose Jaw’s second biggest asset is that Regina is close enough nearby to pop over when there’s something interesting happening. In my case it was the Cathedral Arts Festival and some free concerts. I only made it to one – Moose Jaw buds Pandacorn and The Coldest Night of the Year – but the next day was filled with further free fun at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the Mackenzie Art Gallery. I have to go back sometime for my free legislature tour and by-the-hour pinball at the Wonderland Arcade.

Try doing this many things in Saskatoon and see how your wallet feels afterwards.

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