MazzFest 2013 brings the mosh: Review

Saskatoon hardcore festival returns to the Odeon

MazzFest knocked me on my ass. Literally.

It was a marathon day, with over 20 bands jammed into the Odeon along with a literal mall of t-shirts. And, if you followed the event on Twitter at all, it was one hell of a debauch.

Highlights included Being As An Ocean bringing a huge sound and stage presence, Sleep When You’re Dead bringing the mosh and Elder Abuse playing a tight set despite the muddy sound of the smaller side stage. Also, getting day drunk with zero line-up for the bar. Hmm…

There were lots of other great bands, many of whom I had never seen before. So thanks much for that.

Lowlights included that one dude who kept punching that other dude in the face. More like lowlifes.

Whatever. Already looking forward to next year.