Ominocity’s Guide to Playing Knuckle Roulette

Take a Chance, Take a Chance, Take a Chance on Sharpie

Ask any musician: The worst part about touring across the country is the complete and utter boredom. Okay it’s almost always the only part.

But apparently there are ways other than getting blotto shit faced to alleviate boredom.

This is where Knuckle Roulette aka the Knuckle Tats Game was born.

Somewhere between North Battleford and Maidstone someone, possibly a bass player, devised a way to kill roughly 15 minutes and humiliate their band members to boot: writing dirty words across someone’s knuckles with a permanent black marker.

It’s cheap, but it’s a laugh. Kind of like touring. And it’s spreading like a bad case of indie rock herpes.

The next time you’re attending a rock show check out the knucks; you might just see a ‘fuck stik’ or a ‘lick noob’.

Instructions on how to play Knuckle Roulette:

1. The person receiving the knuckle tats makes two fists, closes their eyes and prays that their skin scrubs clean before they have to go back to work. Hint: It never does.

2. Person #2 takes a Sharpie marker and writes a secret, colorful four-letter word on the first set of knucks. The more colorful the better.

Editor’s suggestions: fail, suxs, boob, crag, kill, flik, wets, kick and jack.

knuckle tats 2

3. Person #3, who didn’t read the secret word that was written on the first round, takes over with another four letter word. The more career damaging the better.

Editor’s suggestions: fail, slim, dink, kids, anis, what, shim and boat.

4. The knuckles are revealed to produce a joke akin to the worst dinner theatre comedy you have ever seen. Enjoy!

knuckle tats 3