Castaway release their debut EP: Download

Sask. Hardcore band gear up for release party

Castaway, a Saskatchewan-hardcore punk four-piece, have dropped their debut EP entitled the Living Room Sessions.

living room sessions

Following in the footsteps of melodic hardcore bands like Lifetime or Jawbreaker, Castaway combine heavy, sometimes sludgey guitars along with heartfelt and introspective vocals.

“The Living Room Sessions is a series of songs written over our first year as a band,” says Jesse Holmes and Kris Booth, who both play guitar in the group.

“All of our song titles and album art pretty much consist of inside jokes which likely only we will find funny. As far as the songs go I think that they’re really just things we’ve gone through, some of them personally, some of them collectively. Relationships between ourselves and other people we know. I guess in general the EP is all about growing up, letting go, taking the time to put your life into perspective, and figuring out who you are.”

Castaway will be dropping the EP at their release show on Thursday March 28 at Lepps.

They will also be playing in Edmonton on the March 29 and Calgary on the 30th.

Castaway will also be opening for Broadway Calls on April 8 at Lepps.