The Netherlands is a Great Place to go on Tour: Photo Essay

Belgium is also awfully nice

Back in September of 2012, my band Slow Down Molasses went on tour in Europe. We had done a couple of tours in The United Kingdom, but I had never been to anywhere else in Europe before. We played several shows in The Netherlands and Belgium, including a stint at the Incubate Festival, before I had to leave because of work. The rest of the band went to play in Germany, and I assume they didn’t have any fun without me.

Since I am still working on my tour diaries, which will hopefully be published as an actual book this upcoming spring, here are some the visuals of the tour.

netherlands 7

We were only in The Netherlands for about an hour before I got in a car accident with a German supermodel who was driving a BMW. She told me to be more careful and gave me a hug.

netherlands 10

This is the Botanique in Brussels, which was founded in 1826. This is where we played our first show of the tour. It was an amazing theatre, and they treated us really, really well – I’ve never been given a giant bowl of ketchup and mayo before as part of a rider.

netherlands 6

Sixteen Euros is a lot of money for gas station clams and fries, even if it does come with a free glass of wine.

netherlands 5

Belgian Turbojugend.

netherlands 4

I don’t remember, but I probably thought that this was really funny at the time. And, dammit, I was right.

netherlands 3

I have a sneaking suspicion that if you tried to crowd surf during Mogwai you would likely just get pummeled anyway.

belgium 1belgium 2
netherlands 2

This was more of a Dutch fuckshack than a proper hotel. Even so, it was really cheap and the lobby had a vending machine that sold both Heineken and Fanta.

netherlands 1