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Magna Carta release new EP: Download

Saskatoon band takes on ‘90s math-core and rips it to shreds

Magna Carta, a Saskatoon four-piece band, will be releasing their new EP entitled Crisis & Debt on Dec. 8 at Vangelis.

crisis and debt

Playing a chaotic blend of post-hardcore and deftly-executed sludge-y punk rock, Magna Carta is hugely reminiscent of the mid ‘90s math-core movement that erupted out of Canada’s east coast espoused by bands like The Plan and North of America.

“Most of the songs were constructed over a lot of guitar parts I’ve had tucked up my sleeve for the past five or so years,” says guitarist Justin Cyr. “We basically built everything around them. I didn’t actually write any of the lyrics, the rest of the band sort of poured them out.

“At first it was just Travis and I, and our main goal was to create energy driven music such as At the Drive-In or These Arms Are Snakes,” continues Cyr. “Then Nicole sporadically taught herself bass in about a month and Ethan came on board last winter. After a while it became something very different. I definitely cant classify our band too much, but I like to think its pretty original.”

On Crisis & Debt – available for download on Magna Carta’s BandCamp page, the guitar and bass lines duck and bob, colliding in to one another before taking off in different directions. And with the majority of the lyrics being related to the social paradox and industrial consumer society – “mostly left wing ideals that young people tend to have these days,” says Cyr – the vocals are a tad more dialed down than I remember them being live. Thankfully there are still plenty of dirty, blood-curdling moments.

Ironically enough, one of the stronger songs on the EP, “Tendency”, takes on a significantly more punk feel, right down to the intro drumming – total rager.

Catch Magna Carta this Saturday, Dec. 8 at Vangelis, along with openers The Faps and Pandas In Japan.