Saskatoon Wintermitts

Wintermitts release “Saskatoon at Midnight” single: Download

West coast band loves the prairies so much that they wrote us a song

Wintermitts, a Vancouver-based orchestral folk/pop quintet, has released their single “Saskatoon at Midnight” via the interweb.

The song was written all the way back in 2008 and wasn’t recorded until 2012, according to Wintermitts’ Lise Monique Oakley. Featuring quirky instrumentation paired with lilting female vocals, it’s a bit of a wistful stroll that turns into an optimistic jog – an almost-typical emotional response to being in the prairies.

“The song was inspired by a lightning and thunder storm we had to drive through on our way back to the west coast,” explains Monique Oakley.

“We were driving along and had to stop the van as the rain had turned into pellets and the lightning was worth watching. This kind of weather and highway driving lead to reflection and internal satisfaction. It was a parallel to the love I was experiencing as I was dating a band member from the band we were touring with at the time and sadly the weather reflected the nature of the relationship.

“Saskatoon is one of our favourite stops on the long Canadian stretch and therefore the band wanted to keep this little nugget for a single release.”