Gallows, Barnburner, Kennedy, Weak Ends, Filthy Senoritas: Review

UK hardcore band possesses astonishing lack of enthusiasm for playing on a stage

Saskatoon might not be playing host to the upcoming Alexisonfire reunion tour but we did get Gallows.

gallows live

Hailing from across the pond, Watford, England’s Gallows, who feature ex-Alexisonfire member Wade MacNeil on lead vocals, wasted no time in jumping off stage and tearing up the dance floor at Louis’ Pub, Monday, Nov. 19. Or maybe it was everyone else. Except for the bassist and drummer, who were left behind on stage and looked a little lonely. Poor little guys.

Not bad for a first date, but an encore (AKA a kiss goodbye) would have been the polite thing to do

Their first time in Saskatoon, the five-piece kicked, picked and floorpunched through a ferocious set of knuckle-y punk rock that left everyone sweaty and satisfied.

Not bad for a first date, but an encore (AKA a kiss goodbye) would have been the polite thing to do.

Sadly, I missed openers Filthy Senoritas – total bummer except I did get a CD so that’s totally a thing (look forward to a review this week). Up next were local baby faces Weak Ends, who have progressed immensely over the past year. Despite looking a little stiff on stage, the four-piece ripped through some well-written tunes.

Montreal’s Kennedys were similarly impressive. I’m always intrigued by bands made up of dudes who look like they shouldn’t be in a band with each other. Regardless, the group absolutely slayed in the vein of a thrashier, Bronx-style punk/hardcore.

Barnburner took the stage next, looking like a nappy pack of badgers amidst a collective wave of greaser hair. Although they played a little long for my tastes – I can’t receive an old fashioned bro-thrash-metal bludgeoning like I used to – they did rip out the classic tune ‘Holy Smokes’!

Holy smokes indeed!