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Vulture Kult: Download of the Week

Saskatoon rock duo release ferocious follow-up LP

Saskatoon has had its fair share of underground rock groups, and many of them can be linked to the label 100% Wild Records, which was started by Amigos promoter Brant Palko. There isn’t much online evidence but the label’s Myspace page is still up – check that out HERE.

vulture kult

But while the label, and several of the bands for that matter, has been silent as of late, Saskatoon’s Vulture Kult is one of the many groups spawned from the scene that are roaring louder than ever.

Vulture Kult front man Hans Bielefeld has put in an impressive amount of time in several other Sask-bands, including local legends Oswald’s Walking Connection as well as 100% Wild alumnus Trainwreck Endings, and his latest group has taken plenty of cues from the past and run with them with the release of their sophomore album Don’t Let Rock and Roll Ruin Your Life.

The formula that Vulture Kult use is a familiar one: The group injects plenty of cocky swagger in their riff-based boogie rock and gives it a growling veneer of sneer overtop of it all.

The group has been compared to bands like Sabbath and Nazareth, but personally I would cite Swedish rockers The Hellacopters as a more apparent influence especially with the vocal delivery. The guitar work is definitely interesting, with Bielefeld giving a technically sound performance without sacrificing any recklessness.

My only complaint? Vulture Kult seems to keep their live local appearances to a minimum, and I have yet to actually seem them play. But that’s not really their fault is it?

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