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Bears Attack!: Retro Download

Saskatoon noise duo gone but not soon forgotten

“A band whose preliminary jam involved a hasty cover of “Blood On Our Hands” by Death From Above 1979 and the writing of a song entitled “Do You Want a Hot Carl Tonight?” [Google ‘Hot Carl’ if you must, but reader beware] was destined for some sort of a cult following on a local and not-so cult basis.

“Bears Attack! consisted of my good friend Ben Riabko on bass and myself on drums and, although we shared vocal duties for the most part, I took over the mic in between songs with a type of witty and off-topic stage-banter that quickly became a staple of our live shows. Most of these shows occurred within Saskatoon’s hardcore scene, but we made our way onto countless other bills and, for some reason, we didn’t stick out like the jeans boner we seemed to be.

We didn’t stick out like the jeans boner we seemed to be.

“Playing an outdoor stage at Montgomery’s 60th anniversary celebration, being joined by a young sitar-ist for a mid-set solo in Kindersley, and opening for two bands boding ex-Despitado credentials, Bears Attack! was very much a band best enjoyed live. That being said, we did take time out of our busy high school student schedules to track the Party Mix EP with Jordan Smith.

“With tracking taking place throughout the beloved bowels of the former Jazz Bassment, the seven song EP is raw and to the point. There’s not really any further setup for the music except that we were two crazy kids just trying to make $20 through door deals at the Roxy in order to pay for pre-show Taco Time.”

Party Mix EP

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