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Ominocity named as CFCR FM-Phasis Sponsor

Local website teams up with community radio station to form super robot

Ominocity has partnered up with CFCR, Saskatoon’s community radio station, for two of their upcoming FM-Phasis shows.

We will be sponsoring the following CFCR shows, both at Amigos:

Sept. 21 – Shooting Guns w/ The Foggy Notions, Way Out West DJ’s

Sept. 22 – Quadrant Khan (Live Set), Dislexik, Form, Economics


I can still remember way back when I was a teenage nerd and I would stay home on Saturday nights so I could listen to TV Party Tonight and make mixtapes for the next week at school. Yeah, this sort of pre-dated the internet, but CFCR was easily the best bet to find out about new and classic punk bands.

Amazingly, I still have one of those mixtapes that I made – the first song was Bad Religion’s “Modern Man” followed by Minor Threat’s “Filler” and Propagandhi’s “Showdown (G.E./P.)”.

I still look back with great fondness on those nights spent listening to CFCR on my boombox, and regard them as some of my most formative years. And those three songs still kick major fucking ass.

Ominocity is proud to be a sponsor of CFCR’s 2012 FM-Phasis funding drive, which accounts for much of the station’s operating budget. We hope to see everyone out at Amigos at all the FM-Phasis shows happening in the next couple of weeks.

For a full FM-Phasis schedule click HERE.

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