Ominocity Pub Golf: Meetup & Pub Crawl

Ominocity Pub Golf: Meetup & Pub Crawl Announcement

It’s time to get boozy!

Ominocity Pub GolfOne thing we excel exceptionally well at is getting really fucked up and forgetting we have work to do. In fact, I was supposed to announce this pub crawl last week, but found myself in the beer gardens at WakeRide instead of in our office writing this up.

Anyway, we’d love to get our readers and contributors together for an epic rager, and thought the best way to do that would be a golf themed walking pub crawl. Seriously, it’s fun!

If you’d like to party down with us, Ominocity Pub Golf will be held on Saturday, August 4th and starts at 7pm sharp!

Check out our Facebook event for more information and to RSVP!