Ride Til Dawn

Pick of the Weekend: Ride ‘Til Dawn Tape Release

Saskatoon’s answer to a leopard print leotard, Ride ‘Til Dawn are set to release their latest album at Amigos on Saturday night. And if Christmas wasn’t weird enough, the album, entitled Another Near Miss, is on cassette of all fucking things. Brandishing a sword made out of old Clash record sleeves, lipstick-stained cigarette butts and broken Ray Bans sunglasses, the quartet rumbles through a set of power-pop, ‘70s-inspired burners.

Meanwhile local PMS-ers The Whoremoans – redubbed the Hoarmoans for the winter – will be stealing/opening the show with a shopping cart full of classic rock covers. Fingers crossed for Boston, Journey or Whitesnake.

By the way, I already checked – Value Village is all out of Walkman tape players. Sigh.